Another major step forward on the deployment of the Construction Data Trust. A pivotal meeting with Sir Robert McAlpine, Kier Group, Mace, Health and Safety Executive, Open Data Institute, UCL and Projecting Success was held in January. A shining example of what the sector can achieve when it pulls together and works collegiately towards a common goal. A big, bold and transformational vision with some short term objectives.

We discussed the case for data trust, the rationale for starting or joining now rather than later. Attendees captured a wide range of comments including:

  • Kudos, seen as an industry leader, champion, progressive and innovator
  • Seat at the trustee table
  • Influence, through greater ability to shape and design the trust
  • Influence and form legal statement(s)
  • Ensure there is focus around own business / common industry challenges
  • Early adoption of collaboration mindset
  • Head off ‘rabbit holes’ and dead ends, setting priorities of the trust
  • Earliest access to insight
  • Early ability to demonstrate results
  • Greater ownership as a founding member
  • Early adopters would have potential for lower insurance, risk of missing out on reduced insurance premiums
  • Members will have had several years of benchmarking themselves, improving and demonstrating value, plus taking advantages of spin offs with data quality
  • Collaborations will start to form and funding starts to flow
  • Ahead of the curve with employee adoptions

It was a compelling case, so if you would like to get involved then please contact us.

We agreed to start with safety and quality data then expand outwards as confidence grows and we prove out the methods. We’ll be covering safety in Project Hack 5. We’ll also be providing a more detailed update to the ~60 organisations who have expressed an interest in being involved. Its been a rollercoaster of a journey but momentum is building. Thanks to everyone who believed in it, particularly Grant Findlay and Gareth Parkes.