About Us

The construction data trust has been established to help transform how we deliver construction projects. It enables us to use the huge amounts of data that comes from projects. Data providers from across the industry will pool data for the benefit of the sector, the profession and society. Owing to the sensitivity of some of this data, the trust can never be open source. We welcome broad engagement from those who wish to apply to access data for defined purposes. Access will be considered on a case by case basis, such as innovators, academia, SMEs and anyone else who can bring insights and help to deliver the vision.

The construction data trust builds upon ground breaking work delivered by Projecting Success for the UK Oil and Gas Authority (the industry regulator) and the Oil and Gas Technology Centre. It also leverages the work conducted by the Open Data Institute.

The trust was launched by Sir Robert McAlpine and Projecting Success in May 2019. Building on 150 years of technical excellence and innovation, Sir Robert McAlpine is looking to the future and focuses on using technology and data to inspire and improve. Projecting Success is the driving force behind the Project Data Analytics community, providing thought leadership to what has the potential to be the biggest ever change in the project delivery profession.

New members (data providers) will be joining the trust in the coming months. All trustees have an equal stake in its development. We form a community of equals, building critical mass to transform an industry. If your organisation would like to be involved then please contact us.

It is a world first. We hope that you can join us.