Our Vision

We are committed to transforming how construction projects are delivered. By working collegiately, we can use historic data that exists across the industry to shape future projects.

Each time a project is managed through its milestones and stage-gates, it creates a huge amount of data which rarely gets used again. This data can take the form of schedules, financial budgets, project reporting, snag reports, risk registers and lessons learned. If we take this data and connect it across projects, organisations and industry, we can learn a huge amount from it.

We can apply advanced data analytics and machine learning to predict how projects will perform in the future. It allows us to focus on problems before they arise and to understand the probability of risk involved. We will have more confidence to deliver projects on time and within budget.

This approach will transform how professionals in the industry view project data. The more data we collect in the trust, the sharper insights. As people become increasingly aware of the data’s value, it creates a positive momentum towards better quality data and better output. Ultimately, it benefits the project delivery and the whole industry.