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The Construction Data Trust brings together data from across the industry, collaboratively and securely. Its aim is to reform how projects are managed, and provide the confidence to deliver them successfully.

Our Vision

We are committed to transforming how construction projects are delivered. By working collegiately, we can use historic data that exists across the industry to shape future projects.

Each time a project is managed through its milestones and stage-gates, it creates a huge amount of data which rarely gets used again.

What is a Data Trust?

A data trust is a legal structure that allows organisations to share their data in a secure way. It enables interested parties to apply advanced analytics and AI to the data and drive transformational change across the industry.

Why Should I get Involved?

You will help drive innovation that will benefit your projects. Project delivery is a late adopter of advanced data analytics and AI.Although small improvements can be realised when working in isolation, the transformational value resides in our ability to analyse data at scale. We can only achieve this by working together and creating the critical mass we need to drive innovation.

Is My Data Secure?

Yes. The data steward combines ISO27001 accreditation with graph database technology to ensure that data is appropriately controlled. Data security is at the forefront of every decision. It can be segmented, permissioned and anonymised at every level. The architecture will be accredited by trustees prior to full implementation.

What Data will the Trust Hold?

The trustees of the data trust will prioritise how and for what purpose the data will be used. This will drive what types of data are needed. There will be a breadth of data including risk, schedule, cost, resource, inspection, quality, lessons learned, compensation events and project fundamentals.